Suitable for classical guitars up to 385mm wide.
Internal guitar case dimensions:
Length 1028mm
Lower Bout 387mm
Upper Bout 279mm
Body Length 495mm
Body Depth 117mm
Empty Weight 3.99kg --- This sized case is suitable for all our full-size Spanish-made classical guitars.

Inner lining is a silver colour, as in cross-section image (the one below).




Customer Testimonials

As you must have understood, I am very satisfied with all the aspects of our doing business in the past week(s), in due time when I will upgrade my guitar, you people are on the top of my list to do business with: great service !!
Thanks again, and best

Maarten, Netherlands

Xuefei Yang, Chinese Concert Virtuoso

It is always a pleasure shopping at The Classical Guitar Centre. Great range of goods and friendly, knowledgeable service.