Buying Advice on Classical Guitars

The Classical Guitar Centre

Obviously one of the most important factors will be the price. If you pay more you should expect a better instrument, but why? By appearance many instruments are similar.

a) The expertise of the maker and the degree to which the instruments are hand made are of major importance for the development of tonal quality. This should also facilitate playing i.e.with a comfortably shaped neck and string height.

b) The woods used will usually be of superior quality in a more expensive instrument. They will usually have less laminated materials and the quality and age of the woods should be better. For classical instruments rosewood is generally considered to be the best wood for the back and sides.

You should select a guitar with a TONE, PLAYABILITY, and APPEARANCE that suit. One that you, yourself like!

UK Customers

If your items are to be delivered to the UK then you can choose to purchase from each of our shop categories, ie. Music and Books, Accessories, and also the instruments we have for sale. When you choose your items you can at any time view your shopping basket to see what you have purchased. you can choose to delete items within the cart or finish shopping and proceed with your order.

Before any payment is made we will gather personal information relating to your order after which you will be taken to the SSL server to securely pay for your order with a credit or debit card.

Shipping is charged as follows:
10% of order for total orders to £50.00
EG: Total Cost £45.60, shipping £4.56
Free for all orders over £50.00

International/Export Customers

At present due to shipping costs only instruments can be purchased online. When you have chosen your instrument, you will be taken straight to the SSL server to process your order and gather your information. If we find demand high we will review our policy on export for ou customers.

If you have any further questions please contact us.