Manuel Gutierrez 1836 19th Century

A marvellous instrument in amazing condition from Seville in 1836! The Gutierrez workshop at 46 Calle Cerrageria was reputedly visited by the great Antonio de Torres early in his career and he may well have learnt some of his skills from this luthier. It was at 32 Calle Cerrageria that Torres constructed his most famous instrument – “La Leona”.

This instrument is typical in its size and shape of Andalusian instruments from this era. The condition is completely original – quite unbelievable. Just minimal restoration of a couple of cracks has taken place. The tone is deep, sonorous and very resonant. An important historical item.

Top Spruce
Back and Sides Mahogany/Rosewood
Fingerboard Rosewood
Width at nut 53mm
Scale length 64.5cm