Miguel Rodriguez ‘La Ultima’ 1996 Honduras Rosewood/Cedar

This was the very last instrument from the workshops of Miguel Rodriguez in 1996. Thus a guitar making dynasty lasting some ninety years came sadly to an end. The loss was very much to the players of today as their instruments are quite unique in their qualities. They have extraordinary clarity and focus of sound, projection, response and playability. They are very much players’ instruments and have been the companions of the world famous Romeros for many years.

This example is an absolute gem and as good as any we have played. The condition, playability and tone are all what one would expect and first class. A wonderful legacy.

Top Cedar
Back and Sides Brazilian Rosewood
Fingerboard Ebony
Width at nut 53 mm
Scale length 65 cm

– NOTE: This instrument is in our Archives section and is not for sale.