Santos Hernandez 1925 Brazilian/Spruce

Santos Hernandez was Madrid’s great maker from the first half of the twentieth century and foreman of the Manuel Ramirez workshop in 1912, when Andres Segovia was famously given his first Ramirez concert instrument by Manuel. It was with this guitar, generally agreed to have been constructed by Santos, that Segovia played continuously for some twenty five years and laid down the foundations of his legendary career. It is now in the Metropolitan Museum, New York.

The Santos Hernandez here was constructed in 1925 and is a most important historical example in completely original condition owned by one family since new (!). There are some cracks, as one would expect in an instrument of this age, and these have been expertly repaired. The finish, most rarely, is the original one of Santos. The materials are first rate with the finest spruce and darkest choice Brazilian rosewood. Even the silver machines heads (of exquisite quality) the nut and bridge are all original.

The musical qualities of this instrument are even now, after nearly eighty years, quite remarkable. The sound is still very lively with great clarity, focus and balance. Most of all, the expressive qualities are quite unique. The superbly crafted neck is absolutely straight and string height and playability most comfortable. Still a great concert instrument!

Top Spruce
Back and Sides Brazilian Rosewood
Fingerboard Ebony
Width at nut 51 mm
Scale length: 65.5 cm

– NOTE: This instrument is in our Archives section and is not for sale.